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Shinkansen bullet train rolling stock utilize a variation of the Shibata coupler developed by Sumitomo Metal Industries in the s which uses rotary tight-lock pins, and which coincidentally bears a closer resemblance to the Scharfenberg coupler rather than the Shibata coupler. Wedgelock coupler on London Underground train. Sometimes a wagon with one coupling system needs to be coupled to wagons with another coupling type This may be needed when taking metro rolling stock from its manufacturer to the city where it is to be used. There are two solutions:. Only some kinds of couplings coexist on the end of a wagon at the same time, because amongst other reasons they need to be at the same height. For example, in the Australian state of Victoriaengines had the AAR coupler, with buffers, and the chain mounted on a lug cast into the AAR coupler. If a pair of match wagons is used, a rake of wagons using coupling A can be inserted into a train otherwise using coupling B.

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