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Ein Spieler hat nun gezeigt, wie leicht man dies manipulieren kann. Doch genaue Daten hat man dazu nicht, denn die Entwickler schweigen sich dazu und anderen kritisn Themen aus. Vor allem letzteres kann man ohne Weiteres manipulieren und so in Lobbys mit vermeidlich leichteren Gegnern kommen. Hierbei sinen aber auch andere Faktoren eine Rolle zu spielen. Er hat vor allem mit schlechtem Aim gespielt. Nach Profis sieht es also nicht aus.

Al also relies on Adams' legal counsel when dealing with Commissioner Jarry and his election proposals. Adams also serves as middleman between Swearengen and George Hearst. Adams has a brief, ill-fated romance with Miss Isringhausen, who turns out to be a Pinkerton agent. He is a rival of Dan Dority's for Swearengen's favor, although Adams saves Dan's life from a Chinese knife-wielder in the season 2 finale, and the two form a tenuous alliance. Sofia Metz Bree Seanna Wall; Lily Keene in the film is the sole survivor of an attack on her family on the way home to her native Minnesota.

She and her family are members of the Norwegian community in Minnesota, and are referred to as "squareheads" by Swearengen, a slur against Scandinavians. With her parents and two sisters Marta and Ingrid murdered, yet possibly unable to speak English, she is nevertheless targeted for murder by Swearengen to eliminate the possibility of her identifying her family's killers; however, with the help and protection of Jane Canary and Doc Cochranshe regains her health and becomes the ward of Alma Garret.

She grows especially close to Whitney Ellsworth after his business dealings with and later marriage to Garret, and is instrumental in convincing Garret that they should stay in Deadwood so that they can continue to visit his final resting place.

She and Alma later return to Deadwood after many years away to attend the statehood celebrations.

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Wu Keone Young is the official or unofficial leader of Deadwood's substantial but mostly unseen Chinese "Celestials" population, the Asian counterpart to Swearengen. He routinely interacts with Swearengen and other Caucasians over a few matters of business, such as the opium trade, and the seemingly daily efficient disposal of numerous human remains, through the route of his pigs.

He knows almost no English beyond the words "San Francisco," "cocksucker," and "Hearst.

Nonetheless, Swearengen considers his shaking hand signals and lack of eye contact to be disturbing. In Season 2, he becomes highly anxious over the arrival in town of the much more polished Mr. Lee from San Francisco, who appears to be the local representative of a large and shadowy tong organization allied with George Hearst, which henceforward supplies Deadwood with opium and low-priced Chinese prostitutes, from a new establishment to be called "Celestials' Alley", in partnership with Tolliver.

In the second season's final episode, Wu strikes back with the blessing of Hearst and Swearengen, slitting Lee's throat and leading Swearengen's crew to kill Lee's men. Swearengen strikes a deal for Wu to take over Lee's position of finding laborers for Hearst's mining operation, easily supplanting Tolliver in running Chinese affairs. In a symbol of loyalty to Swearengen, Wu slices off his braid an action punishable by death in China at the time and declares he will remain in America forever.

In Season 3, he returns from business in San Francisco wearing Western dress which, as multiple characters remark, he looks terrible in. Wu had been tasked by Al with recruiting Chinese laborers in San Francisco to work in Hearst's mines. Sensing that Swearengen and Hearst have become bitter rivals, he holds the workers in another town rather than bring them to Deadwood.

In the series finale he brings his men into town in case the dealings with George Hearst take a turn for the worse.

The character can be loosely based on Wong Fee Lee, [6] the owner of several Chinatown businesses and properties including the Wing Tsue bazaar. Blazanov Pasha D. Lychnikoff is Deadwood's telegraph operator and a Russian immigrant.

He feels a scrupulous dedication to his responsibility to not reveal the private information that he translates and delivers, resisting both Dority's attempts to intimidate him and Farnum's attempts to bribe him into revealing private information. Later, he makes exceptions to the rules as he sees the danger Hearst poses to Deadwood. At one point, he discusses how his parents had sacrificed financially to send him to school, and how they were subsequently murdered by thugs comparable to Hearst's goons.

Blazanov's telegraph office is located in the newspaper office of A. Merrick, and the two appear to become close friends. Leon Larry CedarCy Tolliver's chief informant and lackey, is addicted to opium. Formerly employed as a double agent to give Swearengen false information, he and the dope fiend Jimmy Irons rob and murder Mr.

Wu's opium courier, leading to Jimmy being fed to Wu's pigs. Leon works to incite anti-Chinese sentiment in the camp following this event, though more out of fear of Cy than anything else, and now serves as Tolliver's eyes around town. He begins to deal dope to Alma Garret in Season 3 and Tolliver finds out. Afraid that he will be implicated in any attempt to murder Alma, he stops dealing to her soon after. He was meant to be a great card sharp before he became an opium addict, according to Cy.

In the final episode of Season 3, Cy Tolliver, in a fit of frustration over Hearst's treatment of him, stabs Leon in the leg. The knife cuts through his femoral arteryand Leon soon bleeds to death on Tolliver's balcony. Dazed from blood loss in his dying moments, Leon still tries to compliment Cy, leading Tolliver to comment, "If those were your last words, tell the Lord you died stupid.

Con Stapleton Peter Jason starts out as the dim-witted card dealer at the No. He can be easily distinguished by his large, bright-colored and ill-fitting hat, which he is never seen without. Stapleton is briefly installed as sheriff when the No.

However, Stapleton quickly lets himself be bribed by Tolliver to stir up anti-Chinese sentiment. After murdering a Chinese resident of the camp without justification, he is stripped of his badge by an enraged Bullock. While Nuttall renounces him following the incident, Stapleton has remained in Tolliver's employ, often working with Leon, doing odd jobs such as security at the Bella Union and trashing Merrick's printing press.

He is later seduced by one of Jack Langrishe's theatre troupe. As of Deadwood: The Moviehe has become a reverend. Jewel Geri Jewell is the disabled cleaning woman at the Gem Saloon. Jewel often uses her job in the Gem to "overhear" what is really going on. Coffee and most of the meals from the Gem kitn are prepared by her.

Al makes a public show of barely tolerating her, often publicly referring to her as "the gimp" or complaining about her noisily dragging her stiff leg.

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Jewel responds with a erful, mocking disrespect Al would tolerate from no one else. When Al is briefly disabled after a minor stroke, Jewel comments, "He's always dragging that fucking leg! Trixie, defending Swearengen to Calamity Jane, cites Jewel as an example of Al's kindness, which he publicly downplays. Al maintains that he only keeps Jewel around in case a customer "only has nine cents" i. It is also hinted Al pays her to do this.

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At one point Al remarks that he first met Jewel in a Chicago orphanage, suggesting that their relationship is akin to that of brother and sister. Jewel is also shown to be quite strong and dependable, taking charge when Al is ill and locked in his office and ordering Dan to break the door down when the others are afraid to approach. Richardson Ralph Rison is an unkempt, seemingly simple-minded employee at the Grand Central Hotel whose duties include cleaning and cooking.

He rarely speaks and is quite inarticulate on the occasions that he does, in sharp contrast to his talkative employer, E. Richardson has a strange fixation with an old deer's antler given to him absentmindedly by Alma whom he tells "I like you. You're purdy". He clings to the antler when frightened, carries it when sent by Farnum on an errand, and sometimes raises it to a pair of larger antlers in prayer.

Farnum detests Richardson, regards him as mentally feeble, and frequently chastises him, sometimes comparing him to a frog or grotesque beast, or calling him egg-hatd; yet, ironically, Richardson is the only person in whom Farnum can totally confide.

Late in the show's run, some indications are given that Richardson is not the completely uneducated idiot he seems: he is seen reading a newspaper in private, and reveals himself as an adept juggler at the newly opened theater's amateur night. Though originally hired as an extra, Richardson was added as a main character after producer David Milch and the writers found they liked his eccentric performance in early scenes.

Arnette Hostetler Richard Gant runs the livery stable. Hostetler is, by default, the primary source of company for Samuel Fieldsby virtue of being the only other black man in camp, which leads to much friction between their conflicting personalities. When Fields becomes an unwitting victim of an angry mob led by a hooligan named Steve Fields seeking to take out their frustration at the possibility of being bilked out of their claims, Hostetler provides brief shelter to him, and then immediately betrays him when faced with threat of violence.

Deadwood: The Movie is a American television drama film directed by Daniel Minahan and written by David Milch for HBO. It is a continuation of the television series of the same name, which ran for three seasons from to The film reunites the majority of the large ensemble cast, including Timothy Olyphant, Ian McShane, Molly Parker, Paula Malcomson, John Hawkes, and Gerald Directed by: Daniel Minahan. He arrives in Deadwood as a weary man who seems determined to let his compulsive drinking and gambling take over. With him are his friend, Charlie Utter, and devotee, Calamity Jane. He has apparently come to prospect but despite Charlie Utter's attempts to persuade him to do so, he shows no interest and scolds Charlie for not leaving him be. He becomes friends with Bullock after they save. "Deadwood" orientiert sich teilweise an historisn Gestalten und zeigt die bewegten Schicksale der Einwanderer. In der Serie geht es nicht nur um Glucksspiel, Prostitution und Goldsu, sondern auch um den Machtkampf zwisn Swearengen und seinem Herausforderer Hearst. Dabei zeigt "Deadwood" die Entwicklung des Ortes vom Camp zur lebendigen Kleinstadt im Wilden Westen.

Fields, for his part, never blames him for this, saying "I'd have done the same thing, only quicker. He is forced to later flee the camp when a horse brought to him by Samuel tramples William Bullock to death. They later bring the horse back to camp in attempt to seek forgiveness from Bullock.

In their absence, Steve has taken over the Livery.

Bullock is forced to broker a deal between the two and Hostetler agrees to sell Steve the livery and leave camp. But Steve continually insults and verbally abuses Hostetler throughout the transaction. He finally pushes him over the brink and Hostetler shoots himself in the head, something he attempted once before in earlier appearances, having been driven "crazy with pride," according to Samuel Fields.

Steve "the Drunk" Fields Michael Harney is one of the camp's many drunks as well as being a notorious loudmouth and scathing racist. He is a continual nuisance at Tom Nuttall's No.

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Steve Fields leads a lynch mob against Commissioner Jarry in Season 2. Bullock disperses the lynch mob, and later threatens and beats Steve on account of his behavior. Steve, seeking revenge, secretly masturbates onto Bullock's horse.

He is caught by Hostetler, who plans on killing him, but Samuel walks in on the two and persuades Hostetler to let Steve live, providing he recognizes all men are God's children, and signs a board admitting that he abused Bullock's horse.

Steve later hurts his back as a wild horse tramples him and William Bullock. When Hostetler leaves town to capture the wild horse which escaped while under his care, Steve takes over the livery, but hostilities continue when Hostetler returns.

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Bullock negotiates the sale of the livery to Steve. After the deal is complete, Steve demands the board he signed back from Hostetler. He continues to verbally abuse Hostetler as they are searching for the board. The board is found, but the writing, having been in chalk, has become illegible. Steve calls Hostetler a liar, and his verbal abuse drives Hostetler, already grieved over the death of William, to kill himself with his gun.

The next day, Steve plans to remove one of the horseshoes from Samuel's horse, so that he might have time to persuade him to stay in his employ at the livery. However, Samuel finds Steve bloodied and stupefied, apparently kicked in the head by the horse. Samuel delays his own plans to leave, and reluctantly cares for Steve. He is nearly lynd during mob violence led by the drunk Steve Fields. Later, Steve is caught by Hostetler during a sexual act on the sheriff's horse's leg.

Samuel walks in on Hostetler planning to kill Steve, but persuades him to blackmail Steve by signing a confession on a blackboard. Near the end of Season 2, a wild horse, which Samuel and Hostetler are attempting to geld, escapes from their care and tramples William Bullock, the son of Martha Bullock.

Samuel stops Hostetler from committing suicide over the incident, and instead the both of them ride out of town to capture the escaped horse. When they return, Samuel and Hostetler plan to start a livery in Oregon, but Steve drives Hostetler to suicide with his racial taunts and epithets. Fields plans to leave town, but he is held up by his promise to help Aunt Lou persuade her son to leave. Later, Steve offers him a job at the livery, all the while verbally abusing him.

Samuel refuses, and when he returns to the livery to depart with his horse, he discovers that Steve has been paralyzed by a blow to the head. Samuel takes up Steve's care, at first delighted for being able to mock him back, but soon he changes his conduct and takes good care of him.

He lingers in camp looking after the horses and Steve, pushing him around in a wheelbarrow, paying for his care, and addressing him in a friendly manner. He attempts to leave the camp many times, but finds fate intervening whenever he is about to leave. In Deadwood: The MovieSamuel's tendency to fish on Charlie Utter's land leads him to witness Utter's murder, and he is nearly lynd by Utter's killers before being saved by Bullock.

As he recuperates, he assures Bullock that Utter was at peace when he died, and the two hold hands. Reverend Henry Weston Smith Ray McKinnon is a kind Christian minister who, among other tasks, leads the funerals of many of the individuals who die in the course of the first season.

Smith was a field nurse in the Civil Warserving at Shiloh and 2nd Manassasuntil he received a "sign from God. When the plague arrives in camp Smith assists Calamity Jane and Doc Cochran in the "pest tent" quarantine section.

Over the course of the first season, Smith suffers from a brain tumor that gradually causes his mental and physical collapse. He starts hallucinating, and at one point doubts if Star and Bullock are his friends or just demons disguised as his friends.

As his condition deteriorates he suffers memory lapses and headas, later becoming bedridden and housed at the prostitutes' quarters in The Gem, before Al takes his life in an act of mercy.

Dan Dority and Johnny Burns watch as Al closes the reverend's eyes after saying, "You can go now, brother. Francis Wolcott Garret Dillahuntthe chief geologist for wealthy San Francisco mining magnate George Hearsthas arrived in camp in order to ascertain whether any of the claims might be of value to the Hearst empire, and if so, to set about acquiring them by any means necessary. He enlists Cy Tolliver to operate as the front for his operation.

He has a sexually violent attitude towards women and has murdered prostitutes. He seems unable to control these impulses and struggles to explain them. Wolcott's violent appetite emerges in camp when he kills three prostitutes, including Joanie's friend Maddie, at the z Amis. Tolliver disposes of the bodies and covers for Wolcott. When Tolliver sees his operations with Wolcott have failed to bring him standing with Hearst, he tells Hearst about Wolcott's activities. Hearst dismisses Wolcott from his organization.

Wolcott hangs himself from the balcony of the Grand Hotel shortly thereafter. In the commentary for "New Money", David Milch revealed Wolcott was likely sexually abused as a youth, most likely by his mother, which Joanie immediately picks up on, as does he of her own incestuous relationships. Senator who first made his fortune on the ComstockUtah Territory. His employee Francis Wolcott acts on his behalf in attempts to acquire gold claims for him in Deadwood throughout season 2, in less than honest ways.

In the season 2 finale, Hearst makes several arrangements with figures in the camp, such as purchasing the Grand Central from Farnum, although Hearst gives no indication of the psychopathic behavior he would exhibit in season 3. Although an avowed misanthrope as revealed in season 3he acknowledges the necessities of social propriety by firing Wolcott for cutting the throats of three prostitutes.

Hearst allows Wu to take over Chinese arrangements from Lee when he learns Lee is burning the bodies of dead prostitutes. In season 3, Hearst remains in Deadwood - personally overseeing his interests in the camp, including his attempt to possess the Garret claim and suppressing attempts by his miners to organize and form unions. Obsessed with "the color," Hearst's ultimate goal is total control of Deadwood, or to have it destroyed if he cannot consolidate his power over the camp.

To this end he murders several of his own miners when they attempt to form a union and is determined to have control over the Garret claim. He hires Pinkertons to come to the camp and actively stir up trouble. He tries to provoke Ellsworth to violence by shooting at Alma in the street, as a pretext to have Ellsworth killed. When this fails, Hearst has Ellsworth assassinated in his tent on Alma's claim.

Trixie shoots Hearst in retaliation but the bullet goes into his shoulder and does not kill him. Alma is forced into selling the claim to Hearst, and he decides to leave the camp shortly afterward. He is fooled by Al one last time when Al kills a prostitute resembling Trixie to save Trixie from death. Hearst leaves camp, charging Tolliver with his "other-than-mining interests," as said by Tolliver with disdain. His attempt to buy Charlie Utter's land in order to set up telephone poles fails, and he has Utter murdered.

Much of the town reacts with anger, and Alma outbids him for the land at a later auction. Hearst also discovers Al's previous deception and attempts to have Trixie arrested, but Bullock instead takes him into custody for Utter's death. Hearst is nearly killed by a furious mob before Bullock saves him and drags him into a jail cell.

He is very polite and is respectful towards those with authority. William shows much respect towards his stepfather and admires his accomplishments. His first sight of Deadwood is when his stagecoach rolls to a stop next to the sight of his stepfather and Swearengen in a deadly serious brawl, which had just propelled them off the second floor balcony onto the street, punctuated by partisan onlookers taking shots at each other.

Swearengen is about to stab Seth Bullock with a knife, which he had produced from hiding, but when he sees the boy, he pauses and raises his bloody head to grin demonically at the passengers and bellow "Welcome to fucking Deadwood!

Can be combative! John "Jack" Langrishe Brian Cox is a theater operator and leader of a troupe of traveling actors who come to settle in Deadwood long-term early in the third season. In Deadwood, which lacks any but the lowest forms of entertainment, he seeks both financial opportunity and a chance to bring art and culture to the town.

He is a close, longtime friend of Al Swearengen. Langrishe's accent and name hint at Irish origins. Possessing a dry wit, and prone to both flattery and self-deprecation, the flamboyant Langrishe charms most of the people he meets, including Martha, Alma, and Merrick. Scouting a location for his theater, he decides that Joanie's former brothel, the z Amis, now being used as a schoolhouse, would be perfect if redecorated.

He makes her a generous offer to sell the building to him, and she accepts, on the condition that Langrishe have a new schoolhouse built at his own expense, something he happily agrees with.

The theater opens some days later in the renovated z Amis, with a very successful amateur night. Al keeps Langrishe aware of the machinations between himself and Hearst. Langrishe discovers that Hearst suffers from back pain, and talks him into trying out a new form of treatment, administered by Langrishe himself in the form of pulls, prods, and thrusts.

Later, he suggests to an interested Al the possibility of using these time-consuming but useless back treatments as a way of occupying Hearst's time. Langrishe is based on the historical theater owner Jack Langrishe. Jack McCall Garret Dillahunt is a drunkard who shoots Hickok in the back of the head as he plays poker.

McCall is found not guilty by a hurried and impromptu court of locals on the grounds that he was merely avenging the prior murder of his brother by Hickok; but due to Hickok's high regard and the presence of many of Hickok's good friends in town, McCall is made to realize it is best to leave. It is assumed McCall is executed some time later.

Wyatt Earp Gale Harold rides into camp with his brother Morgan, supposedly after saving a stagecoach from robbery, although Earp later confesses to making the story up to enhance their reputation. Upon his arrival he is greeted by Sheriff Bullock. Wyatt tells him that he was a lawman in Kansas, but has come to camp to work a timber lease he won in cards. Wyatt and Morgan are hired by Cy Tolliver as gunmen but are fired when they see Hearst bring in the Pinkertons.

After the Earps have a confrontation with one of Hearst's gunmen and find out that the timber lease is worth nothing, Sheriff Bullock tells Wyatt and Morgan that it is best they move on. Wyatt and Morgan leave town as allies, if not friends, of Bullock.

Morgan Earp Austin Nichols rides into camp with Wyatt after allegedly saving a stagecoach.

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Morgan has a knack for being a hothead and flirting with ladies. After some harsh words with one of Hearst's gunmen, he shoots him in the leg. Wyatt, fearing for his brother, pulls the gunman's pistol out of his holster and claims it's a fair fight. Morgan leaves town with Wyatt, after Bullock suggests they move on.

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Isringhausen remains unobtrusively in the background with Sofia throughout most of the drama between Alma and Seth. After Seth's family suddenly arrives, in Alma's newly upset state, Alma and Isringhausen have an argument over Alma's perception of Isringhausen's lack of warmth towards the girl, and she is fired. Isringhausen does not leave town, however, and instead begins to spread tales of Alma having been behind Swearengen's murder of Mr. Swearengen quickly realizes that she is not what she seems to be, and she confirms that she was indeed sent by Mr.

Garret's family to wrest control of what promises to be a lucrative claim away from Alma, by any means necessary. Swearengen appears to go along with the plan to frame Alma, but correctly identifies Isringhausen as a Pinkertonwhom he despises as inferior to even his own admittedly low moral standards, and, more importantly, he calculates that the entrance of large and powerful interests from outside the camp would be inimical to his own interests.

Therefore, he makes plans with Bullock to double cross Isringhausen by getting her to document her sme rather than exposing it. Swearengen ultimately bribes her to leave town. Claiming light-heartedly and deceitfully to be a former steamboat captain on the Mississippi, Miss Isringhausen has several romantic encounters with Silas Adams, who is also staying at the Grand Central Hotel. He first appears in Season 1 having travelled with Adams to Deadwood.

Thereafter he acts as a courier and somewhat lazy messenger for Adams. Bullock must protect him from an enraged mob of prospectors who fear their gold claims will be invalidated when the camp is incorporated into Dakota. Swearengen, with the assistance of Bullock, Star, and Adams, forces Jarry to make concessions to Deadwood in order to outbid Montana on annexation.

He returns in Season 3 having bought the votes of soldiers for Hearst. He implies to Adams he may be in some trouble for having defrauded the county of money intended for the reservations for his own gain.

When Joanie Stubbs decides to set up her own brothel, the z Amis, she invites Maddie to join in the enterprise as her partner. Maddie and her three prostitutes arrive in Deadwood in the first episode of Season 2 on the same stagecoach as Mrs.

Bullock and William Bullock. She had decided to join Joanie when she learned that Mr. Wolcott would soon be moving to Deadwood as the frontman for George Hearst. She apparently got to know Wolcott, and his predilection for killing prostitutes, at one of Hearst's earlier camps, likely in Montana. She plans for Wolcott to murder a young prostitute she knows he favors, and then extort from Wolcott money for her "long and comfortable" retirement.

Wolcott does exactly what she expects him to do, murdering two of the z Amis prostitutes under Maddie's manipulation and watchful eye. Her sme fails when she wanders too close to Wolcott's still-bloody straight razor, allowing him to grab her and cut her throat with a single swipe. Knowing he must sell, he tries to persuade his brother that he will mismanage the operation and ought to sell.

When he refuses, Mose murders him. The death of his brother weighs on him, however, and Mose becomes a continuing problem for Cy Tolliver as his already belligerent attitude worsens.

Wolcott provokes him and Tolliver's men shoot him down. But because of his immense size, the bullets do not penetrate his vital organs and Cochran is able to save his life. He recovers on the z Ami's floor and once healed remains there as watchman, a changed man from his near death experience.

Andy Cramed Zach Grenier is a conman who has often worked with Cy Tolliver and is set to do so again until he arrives in Deadwood suffering from smallpox. He is taken to the woods and left to die on Tolliver's orders, but is discovered by Jane.

After his convalescence in the smallpox tent and aiding in the distribution of the vaccine, he leaves.

He eventually returns as a self-proclaimed minister in the second season, conducting the funeral service of William Bullock and the marriage of Alma and Ellsworth. In the second-season finale he attacks Tolliver for mocking God and his newfound faith in front of him, stabbing him in the gut and walking away. He attempts to make recompense in Season 3 by asking for Tolliver's forgiveness. Tolliver threatens him with a gun, ranting about redemption, but Leon interrupts them and Cramed leaves, disgusted with Tolliver's behavior.

He is first seen in the second season ruthlessly safeguarding Hearst's mining operation and dealing with thieves, often delivering letters to Swearengen. The captain defeated or killed a man named Leonard in single combat in Star City, a fight that Hearst later recalled for the captain in caution. He helps Hearst assault Swearengen, and later taunts Swearengen's muscleman Dan Dority into a public brawl, a fight set up to prove Hearst's superiority over Swearengen.

Despite Turner initially gaining the upper hand, Dority tears out Turner's left eye in a move of desperation before beating him to death with a stove-length.

Deadwood matchmaking man

As Hearst has recently bought the Grand Central Hotel, she becomes the cook there, forming a friendship with the hotel's former cook Richardson, who becomes her assistant. When her son Odell arrives in Deadwood intent on making a business proposition to Hearst, she unsuccessfully attempts to convince her son to leave town and return to Liberiarecognizing Hearst's dangerous nature.

Her fears are seemingly confirmed when Odell is found dead under suspicious circumstances. She enjoys playing mahjong and seems to have at least some basic understanding of the Chinese language. The character is loosely based on former slave Lucretia "Aunt Lou" Marchbanks, a celebrated cook who worked for several mining superintendents in the Black Hills though was never employed by Hearst.

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Petite, blonde, pretty, she is demure in a way that belies her occupation. She is learning to read with the help of Johnny Burns, who has a growing affection for her.

He defends her against the coarseness of Morgan Earp and stands up to Swearengen when Al smes to appease Hearst's demand for the death of Trixie by killing Jen and substituting her body for Trixie's. Johnny stands up to Al but fails later by the hands of Dan and the ruse is carried out successfully. Lila appears as charismatic and content to begin with but eventually succumbs to drug addiction, much to Joanie's frustration.

Eddie Sawyer Ricky Jay appears in the first season. He becomes disillusioned by his boss's callousness at sending Andy Cramed to die in the woods and torturing two young thieves, skulking around the Bella Union and embarrassing Tolliver at a town meeting. He decides to rob Cy in retaliation, in part to fund Joanie Stubbs in opening her own brothel.

In the second season, Tolliver reveals that he knew Eddie had been stealing but that he had left the camp before Cy could take any form of retaliation. Claudia Cynthia Ettinger arrives in the third season as part of Langrishe's theater troupe. She has a sexual relationship with Con Stapleton and is jealous of Langrishe's relationships with Josiane and Mary.


Dolly Ashleigh Kizer is a prostitute at the Gem Saloon. Swearengen begins a relationship with her after Trixie leaves his employ. Although he doesn't harbor the same affection for her as Trixie, Swearengen confides his innermost vulnerabilities with Dolly.

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Views Read Edit View history. Deadwood: Der Film zur Serie kommt. Mai Worum geht es? Wer eine kurze intensive Filmdosis am Abend braucht, ist mit "" bestens bedient. Musical-Fans kommen an "Zugabe" nicht vorbei. Ich erinnere mich noch, wie ich vor rund 15 Jahren das erste Mal "Grey's Anatomy" sah. Jede Menge Lebensphilosophien inklusive!

Da fange ich doch gerne nochmal von vorne an Jedem seiner Mitmensn begegnet er so ruppig, dass selbst das Zusehen schmerzt. Und gleichzeitig unsagbar traurig ist. Trotzdem gibt es noch Leute, die zu ihm halten. Bewerten Sie die Serie:.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ist die Diskussion rund um das Matchmaking gro?. Ein Spieler hat nun gezeigt, wie leicht man dies manipulieren kann. His place in Deadwood's history, of course, stems from the fact that he was last seen alive in a local establishment, the Lewis and Mann No. 10 Saloon. On August 2, , Hickok was immersed in a hand of poker when a lowlife named Jack McCall shot him in the back of the head. Wild Bill's name and his final poker hand (Dead Man's Hand, featuring aces and eights) have lived on in the. Deadwood ist eine Fernsehserie des US-Senders HBO. Das vielschichtige Westerndrama von David Milch spielt im Jahr , kurz nach der Schlacht am Little Bighorn.

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