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I watd the video just to make sure that it wasn't some joke or maybe it was informative, but it wasn't. It was a video of people talking about why Trump is legitimately good for this country with no facts - just opinions or facts that have been proven wrong.

I was hurt and angry. I was not old enough to vote and not nearly as informed as a young adult should be. My cousin, well into his 20s, sent a group text to our whole family. The message went on and on about how Trump is the only candidate who believed what he believed.

Which leads me to the question: What is that you believe? That Black Lives Matter is the movement that's racist and not the people killing them?

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That women shouldn't have control of their own bodies? That everyone shouldn't have access to health care?

That innocent children deserve to be separated from their families? That innocent young men and women deserve to be shot and killed by the police on the street?

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That my brother deserved to be shot and killed by the police because he was mentally ill and didn't even understand what was happening? I talked to him at family gatherings, I went to his house and said hi to his mom and played with his dog.

I invited him to run errands with my sister and me.

I loved him unconditionally because he's family and I didn't want to be rude. I didn't want to hurt him and cut him out of my life. I tried so hard not to hurt this person that has no problem continuing to support a man that will only cause harm to me and the people that I love.

Why am I not surprised that everyone still supports this decision? Why does this time hurt so much more than the last? And why can't I forgive him anymore?

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I've been told things like Writing about politics can be tricky, so to make things easier, we've come up with four general prompts to follow - no need to focus on your own political opinions or who you're voting for or voting against if you don't want to! The hot, wy dough breaks open to the most heavenly scent and each bite feels like butter on the pallet.

Speed Dating with House, Chase and Wilson - HOUSE M.D. - SceneScreen

You can put in whatever flavors you want and achieve the exact consistency you prefer, whether that's more of a crispy Montreal bagel or thick, salty New York bagel. For some people, that looks like quality family time or long-delayed personal goals being achieved. For others, it's just about simple things like finding some new ways to save money or nailing down a solid morning routine.

Coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. He claims that Mexicans are bringing drugs and crimes to his country, but says that some are good people.

This was just the beginning of his openly racist insults against minorities or anyone of color.

The saddest part is none of his statements ever stopped his campaign. Having an attraction to his own daughter is disgusting, and further shows how Trump only views women as objects of desire. He does not like women that are responsible, smart, and independent. I hate it. The only guys I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes all day. This is highly offensive and shows that he has no love for human beings.

This statement only further amplifies his bias for anyone who is different than him. To me, Trump was not calling his supporters loyal when he said this - he was calling them stupid. After they elected him, Trump knew their idiocy would prevent them from ever abandoning him.

It is one of Trump's many sexist comments about women. He does not appear to think women should work outside the home, think for themselves, and have a successful life. Once again he stereotypes the Jewish community without putting any thought into it.

I believe that if I were running things, I doubt those people would have been in the country. He is vain and makes everything about himself.

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Trump believes that his immigrant vetting process would have saved the Twin Towers and nearly 3, people who died. Just like any other tragedy that has costed American lives, I see no sympathy in Trump's remarks.

Like always, he acted immaturely and mocked his opponents on anything possible. Even though I think he constantly displays reasons why he is unqualified for office, I see his supporters as too brainwashed to turn away from him.

Liberty best speed dating

He was a war hero because he was captured. I hate to tell you. Even if you were not a fan of John McCain's policies as a Republican senator, it is wrong to insult him as a U. Trump offended not only McCain but other POWS who were held by enemy soldiers and suffered months and even years of abuse and torture. Please do not feel stupid or insecure, it's not your fault.

Smart, tough, and strong men do not have to keep convincing everyone how amazing they are. I doubt he has a high IQ since Trump never proofreads his tweets, talks like a fourth-grader, and acts like a bully. But there's such divisiveness. He refuses to take responsibility for anything he does wrong. America was divided before Trump got elected, but he managed to make things even worse. The only lives Trump made better are greedy, heartless billionaires like himself. Trump might be over pounds, but he's not muscular.

This moment where Trump tries to act tough is laughable. However, when it comes to actually making real progress, I feel Trump has accomplished nothing. He tells lies to fire up his base, makes friends with U. S adversaries, and insults our allies.

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I think he has threatened the safety of everyone for his own personal gain. It's filled with losers.

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He allegedly said the same thing about Vietnam vets. He acts selfishly and makes offensive remarks because he cannot feel sympathy or pain for others. There are many things that China is credited for making, but global warming is not one of them. The fact that he would compare this to competition with businesses in China is stupid. The findings?

Meanwhile, North Dakota and South Carolina came in at the opposite end as being the easiest to please. Andreea Pop on Unsplash. I have never in my life tried to go after a man who is taken.

Speed dating? What is this Liberty's real-life edition of Christian Mingle? But my idea that this was humorous satire was mistaken: as January began to progress into February, I saw even more signs promoting this event posted around campus. In fact, all around campus over the past few weeks, I have come across much Valentine's advertisements for events with the purpose to promote dating. SpeedDating - die schnelle und lustige Art des Kennenlernens. Jetzt kostenlos anmelden.

Time and time again I crush on men and they end up liking me too. That sounds great except for one thing: usually, when they notice me it's way after I first liked them, it's usually when they are in a relationship.

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I have no idea, but they weren't staring at me like that before. It is such a fallacy when women feel good about distracting a guy away from his girlfriend. It tells me a lot about that person and none of it is pretty. The way the guy with wandering eyes is acting usually has more to do with his character than who he is dating.

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That most definitely means they don't appreciate what they have nor do they respect their commitments. Even if you were able to break him off from whoever he's with, it wouldn't take long before they would turn their back on you, too.

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Moreover, if you are the mistress and he is going for you while he is taken He would make you feel like a first priority. If he respected you, he would only attempt to pursue you once he is single. If he likes you and is with someone else he needs to man up and break things off with her.

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It's not fair to her, it's not fair to you, and he gets to relish in the ego-boost of having his girl at home and his side piece. The truth is that he isn't a victim trapped in a horrible relationship, he's just a jerk who wants to have it all without giving his all. Igor Starkov on Unsplash. Are you tired of the same fake communication day in and day out? You can thank social media, tv, and every romantic movie on Netflix for false advertising lol ?? Being constantly lied to about what it takes to build a healthy relationship has left our generation either having to settle for mediocre, fake,or unhealthy relationships ???????? It's ok, because guess what?

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Inside of your head: there is just so much going on with work, school, kids, business obligations, etc There is just not enough time in the day to talk and work through things. Inside your head: Am I overthinking it? Als die Veranstaltung vorbei ist, tauscht Julia sich noch mit einigen der anderen Damen aus.

Und die ist hier eh stark begrenzt.

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Wem Speed-Dating noch zu zeitauswendig ist, der kann sich im sogenannten Power-Dating, einer weiteren Variante des Blind Dates, versun. Bei dieser Ausgeburt des blanken Tempowahnsinns handelt es sich um die kleine, zappelige Schwester des Speed-Datings.

Von wegen! Beim Speed-Hating geht es nicht unbedingt darum, Gemeinsamkeiten zu finden.

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Warum also nicht den Einfluss des Mienenspiels nutzen, um potenzielle Partner kennenzulernen? Forgot your password. Sign In.

Your are a Man. View Singles. App Store. Our free personal ads are full of single women and men in Liberty looking for serious relationships, a little online flirtation, or new friends to go out with.

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